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Electronic Kits Information

Product Format Information

You will notice that some products are available in kit-form and/or pre-assembled formats. The information below will help you decide which is suitable for you. If you require help choosing the right product for your needs please call us on 01279 467799 (M-F 8:30am-5pm) or use our Contact Form.

SELF-ASSEMBLY Electronic Kit Format  

A number of different Order Code formats identify products that are supplied in kit form that require assembly and may need soldering. Please see individual product page descriptions and look out for our soldering iron symbol. As a general rule, kit form products can be identified via the following Order Code formats:

  • Quasar & SmartKit Kits: Order Codes ending with the letters KT
  • MadLab Kits: Order Codes starting with the letters WS
  • Velleman Kits: Order Codes starting with the letters K and MK
  • Whadda Kits: Order Codes starting the letters WS

You will receive the parts required to complete the project as shown in the product images (unless stated otherwise in the product description). This generally means a pack of components, printed circuit board (PCB), assembly instructions (these are not a detailed introduction to electronics and are written on the assumption that you know the basics), schematic diagrams and circuit explanations where appropriate. Some instructions are now supplied in the form of PDF download format only. You may need to supply some additional items like a suitable enclosure, connecting wires, PCB fixing screws, etc.

You will need a soldering iron, some solder, wire cutters, screwdrivers and preferably some experience to construct a self-assembly soldering kit. Suitable tools can be found in the following sections of our Tools & Soldering Equipment category:

Please note that we accept only a limited liability when you purchase a product from us in kit form. For more information please see the Project Kit Refund Guarantee and Project Kit Limit of Liability details below.

PRE-ASSEMBLED Electronic Module Format  Pre-Assembled Module

A large number of electronic kits are also available in pre-assembled and tested format. You may find both kit and pre-assembled options appear on the same product page. As a general rule, pre-assembled products can be identified via the following Order Code formats:

  • Quasar & SmartKit Products: Order Codes starting with the letters AS
  • Cebek Products: All Cebek products are pre-assembled unless otherwise noted in the product description
  • Velleman & Velbus Products: Order Codes starting with the letters VM
  • Whadda Products: Order Codes starting the letters WM

Pre-assembled items are generally supplied as per the product images but please see product page descriptions for exceptions.

You will receive the project with the board pre-soldered and sometimes pre-boxed (but ONLY if the kit version is supplied with a box).

You will still need to make any external connections that are required to the board i.e. power supply, audio inputs and outputs, computer leads, etc.

Difficulty Rating Symbols

Most kit and module product pages shown a difficulty rating under the product title. These can be used as a guide to the ability level required to successfully make and/or use the product.

Ability Level 1: Novice Level 1 Novice - for beginners with supervision from an adult where required

Ability Level 2: Moderate Level 2 Moderate - for those with some previous knowledge and experienced

Ability Level 3: Intermediate Level 3 Intermediate - intermediate level experience required

Ability Level 4: Professional Level 4 Professional - professional level experience required

Ability Level 5: Advanced Level 5 Advanced - advanced level experience required


You might want to put the kit or module into an enclosure. A suitable isolating enclosure is essential where mains voltages are present (see Mains Electricity section below).

Some kits and modules include an enclosure and others are available as an optional extra (see product page for details). Please refer to the Technical Specifications table to see if an appropriate size enclosure is available.

Please note that additional items like connection wires, connectors, screws, lamps, switches, etc. must be supplied by the user. It may also be necessary to drill holes for switches, ventilation, etc.


General Kit Information

All of our electronic Kits are fully tried and tested, modern designs that are guaranteed to work when correctly assembled. If built and used according to the instructions included in each Kit by qualified people may result in a product which can meet the directives in accordance with 89/336/EEC-EMC Directive (product dependent). Please note that our range of Kit-Form projects are intended for educational and demonstration purposes only. They are not toys and must be constructed under the supervision of an experienced and qualified adult. They are not intended for use in commercial applications. If they are used in such applications the purchaser assumes all responsibility for ensuring compliance with all local laws.

Electronic Project KitsAll kits (i.e. any product with a KT suffix in the Order Code) require assembled by the purchaser. This involves soldering and the use of a range of small hand tools. Kits are supplied with the components required to complete the project as a bare board assembly unless stated otherwise in the kit description.

Most mains powered projects require some additional components like mains leads, plugs, safety fuses, etc. Boxes and hardware packs are available for some of these projects. These enable you to produce a safe and professional looking finished project. Construction, testing and use of these kits should only be attempted by competent persons, or under supervision of someone fully experienced in this field.

PCB's are top quality fibre glass boards that have a tinned and solder resist finish to aid component soldering. A screen printed legend ensures easy and correct positioning of each component. We don't use cheap and nasty Tripad strip board kits offered by some of our competitors (note the lack of product pictures on their website).

Documentation is provided with every kit. You will find step-by-step assembly instructions, trouble shooting hints and schematic circuit diagrams PLUS many also have a detailed explanation of the circuit's operation and other useful information about the components used. This makes it both interesting and easy to develop your knowledge of many different electronics and the components used to build them. With their strong emphasis on education, our kits are ideal for use in schools or colleges as teaching aids.

All of the kits that we sell have been tried and tested by 'Alf', our resident professor in electronics. We only offer a kit for sale once it has received Alf's official seal of approval!

New, commercial grade components are used, not odd job lots or factory seconds. Faulty components will be replaced free of charge.


Printed Circuit Boards

The PCB's supplied with our kits are made to a very high level of quality. They are produced from 1.6mm fibre glass and include a silk screen printed overlay guide for easy component placing and a solder mask to aid in soldering. Wherever possible, solder pads and tracks are generally on the larger side.


Mains Electricity

WARNING: Some kits and modules operate at mains voltage and present an electric shock hazard that can cause severe and permanent injury or even death.

Modules connected to 110-240Vac mains voltages must be treated with extreme caution.

Construction, installation, testing and commissioning should only be performed by a competent person. These products are not suitable for children.

The following information provides general guidance on electrical safety but it is in no way complete.

Make sure installation complies with local regulations.

Many areas of the assembly (including heatsinks) may operate at mains voltage so it must be fitted into a suitable isolating enclosure.

Most mains modules require some additional components like mains leads, plugs, fuses, etc. Isolating enclosures are available for some of these modules. Where these are not available, you will need to provide your own enclosure and hardware.

To ensure electrical safety, and also protection from fire or personal injury, male sure your mains operated equipment complies with these safety hints:

  • Use a suitable isolating enclosure.
  • Use a power switch if the device consumes more than 10W. Use a double pole switch for mains operated, transformer-less kits.
  • Mount a fuse in series with the mains switch. Use a slow blow (T) 50mA fuse for transformers up to 10W and a 100mA fuse for transformers up to 20W.
  • Use a mains input connector, or a robust power cord with a clamp.
  • Internal wiring carrying mains voltages must have a minimum cross-sectional area of 0.5mm2.
Other Hazards to bear in mind
  • Electrical faults which could cause fire
  • Fire or explosion where electricity could be the source of ignition in a potentially flammable or explosive atmosphere

We accept no responsibility for injury, loss, or damage of any kind as a result of the purchase, assembly or use of any of our products.


Kit Construction Tips

We want your projects to work first time as much as you do. The main reason for kits not working is poor soldering technique and incorrect placement of components.

Although full assembly instructions are provided with every kit, they do assume that you know the basics like soldering and basic component recognition.

Component placement should not really be a problem with our kits as all the components supplied are all clearly identified both in the instructions and on the PCB legend.

You should check each component against the parts list and ensure that they are all present and correct (kit manufacturers do occasionally pack the wrong component so you do need to check them carefully and notify us if there are any problems so that we can rectify them for you).

So with our kits the most important skill for the beginner to learn is soldering and the more you practice the better you get! Here are a few useful sites that will teach you what you need to know.

Careful attention to these details should help to ensure your projects work the first time they are powered up. If not then please refer to our Basic Project Kit Fault Finding Guide. This outlines some simple fault finding techniques that should get you going.


Technical Support

If you need assistance with your electronic kit please feel free to Contact Us


Project Kit Refund Guarantee

If you feel that you will have difficulty building any Kit-Form product purchased from us (and you cannot get assistance from a friend) you can return it for a refund provided a Returns Number is obtained first from our Customer Services Department by email or telephone. The items must be returned to us (insured against loss or damage in transit) at your expense and received by us in original condition (with all product packaging, documentation and a copy of the original sales invoice) within 14 days of original invoice date. The returns number must be clearly stated on the parcel..
Kit-Form products may not be returned for any form of refund or credit once the inner component packages have been opened or construction has been commenced. If this is the case please refer to the Project Kit Limit of Liability below.


Project Kit Limit of Liability

Where a product is supplied in Kit-Form and assembly or construction has commenced or the inner component packages have been opened we are unable to offer any form of refund, replacement, exchange or free repair. This is because we cannot guarantee the labour you provide and components can be damaged during assembly.
Component packages should be checked against the components list supplied without opening the plastic bags. Any shortages or breakages must be advised to the Customer Service Department of Quasar within 7 days of delivery date and the complete unopened component bag(s) must be returned for replacement.
It is recommended that if a kit builder does not have enough knowledge to diagnose faults, that the project should not be started unless assistance can be obtained. (Unfortunately, one small faulty solder joint or wiring mistake can take many hours making repair of faulty kits uneconomical).

Mains Powered Projects

Due to their nature and function, some kits require Mains Power (110 - 230Vac) to be connected directly to the PCB. Extreme care should be taken when assembling and testing these kits. They must be placed inside a suitable box with mains leads fully secured according to general safety standards. Mains power must be treated very carefully. You must have had appropriate experience of working with main power before attempting assembly of these kits. We accept no responsibility for injury, loss, or damage of any kind as a result of the purchase, assembly or use of any of our products.

Please refer to our Conditions of Sale for full details.

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